Pre-wired Towing Sockets

Prewired sockets are a vital part of every fitting.They come in 7-pin (12N and 12S) and 13-pin versions.

Look for the Highest Quality!

They should be of the highest quality with good cable, quality sockets and, if fitted, durable mounting plates.

  • Ryder prewired towbar sockets are factory made and subjected to rigorous quality control.
  • We use wire that is thick enough to do the job and we will not compromise on this.
  • We wire sockets with 2 metres of cable as standard, long enough to fit easily on the vast majority of vehicles.
  • 1.6 metre versions, preferred by many fitters, are available from stock.
  • Other lengths - 3. 5 and 7metres - are also available.
  • Prewired sockets without plates are increasingly popular, as towbars are likely to have fixed mounting plates. Unplated sockets come with rear seals and in all the lengths already described.

Thin wall cable: Best for quality and efficiency.

The improved material used in modern thin-walled cables allows more heat to escape from the copper conductors. This means that the conductors can cool more easily. As a result, a thin wall cable of a particular cross-section area can carry slightly more current than the same conductor in the old thicker wall cable.