Bypass Relays & Interactive CANbus Modules

Smart Bypass Relays: trouble-free fitting

These devices allow trouble-free fitting on vehicles with complex electrics and electronics. They are designed to operate trailer road lamps in unison with the towing vehicle's road lamps without drawing any significant current from the vehicle's road lamp circuits. They are used in most modern vehicles as these sophisticated systems that simply would not accept simple direct connections. 

Not detected

Smart Bypass relays incorporate smart systems to switch the trailer lamps on and off. Connection is made to the vehicle's lamp circuits but only for the purpose of alerting these control circuits. Such little current is taken from the vehicle's lighting circuits that the vehicle cannot detect it.

Power direct from the vehicle's main power source

The current that drives the lights on the trailer is all drawn directly from the vehicle's main power source (fuse bus, etc). The current taken from the vehicle's wiring circuits is less than one milliamp per circuit. The quiescent current (current when the vehicle is powered down) is measured in micro amps.)