Universal Programmed CANbus Kits

Universal Programmed CANbus Towing Kits: vehicle-matched

Dedicated Interactive CANbus Towing Kits interface with each vehicles' CANbus network. Fully interactive, they are pre-programmed to your vehicle.

These devices allow quick trouble-free fitting on vehicles with complex electrics and electronics. They are designed to operate trailer road lamps in unison with the towing vehicle's road lamps by copying the data over from the vehicles CANbus feed. 

Enables activation of car's towing related functions

When the vehicle requires feedback data from the towing module, like trailer detection or bulb failure detection to activate towing-related functions, the smart module in the universal kits sends it.

Check it out here: SmartCan2 Universal CANbus-Programmed 12N Towing Kit with 13-pin socket (rydertowing.co.uk)