Towbar Wiring Relays

What Towbar Wiring Relays Do

Modern cars have complex lighting systems. Towbar wiring relays and modules are designed both to interface correctly with the vehicle's systems and to give the vehicle protection against any faults and overloads that could occur in the trailer wiring.

Smart Bypass Relays give total protection to the car

Within smart bypass relays, clever electronic circuits control the switching of the relays, interpret complex signals from the car, radically reduce any potential load on car systems, and prevent feedback from the towing relay to the car. Smart relays totally protect the car from any possible damage caused by faults in the trailer.

SmartCAN2 Modules - for the latest cars

The latest generation of cars require the latest generation of relays. These are the SmartCAN2 universal CANbus modules that connect digitally to the vehicle's Controller Area Network (CAN) and interact with the car, not only to operate the trailer lights but to monitor the trailer and activate towing-related features built into the towing vehicle.