Vehicle-specific 12N/12S CANbus Towing Kit with added caravan functions

TF2324 SmartCAN2 kit is a vehicle-specific 12N/12S CANbus-controlled trailer/caravan interface kit. It controls the trailer or caravan road lights and has caravan 12S functionality.

This kit has everything you need for a 13pin installation with CAN controlled caravan power and battery charging.

It is ideal for smart alternator vehicles.

When ordering, please specify the car you are fitting.

The list of compatible vehicles is below under More Information.

  • Ref No: TF2324
  • Brand: Ryder
  • Delivery: UK Only
  • Unit of sale: Each
Vehicle-specific 12N/12S CANbus Towing Kit with added caravan functions

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Product Feature List

  • Dedicated and Multi-compatible
  • 12N and 12S: Operates the trailer lamps and the 12S caravan auxiliary functions
  • Either Read-only or Interactive depending on vehicle

Additional Product Info

The TF2323 SmartCan2 towing module connects directly to the vehicle's CANbus network. All the signal data to the towing module comes from a direct connection to the vehicle's CAN HI, CAN LO wires.

The SmartCAN2 module enables the activation of the vehicle's towing related functions When the vehicle requires data from the towing module to activate towing-related functions, the SmartCAN2 module sends it.

Some vehicles automatically accept data back from the unit and alter some functions when a trailer is connected. Some require a re-code before they do this and others react partially without a re-code, adding new functions when they have been re-coded.

Which vehicles will it fit?

The up-to-date list of compatible vehicles is here: Downloads - SmartCAN Data & Car Data | Ryder Towing Ltd

This module can be reprogrammed to fit other vehicles.

Although you would normally specify the vehicle you are fitting and receive the appropriate kit, the module can, in fact be reprogrammed to fit any compatible vehicle. This can be done very simply, manually or using a device called Boot Loader. Part number TX2303

 Click this link to see How to program a module manually


For 12S/full function, see the TF2324 SmartCan2 Vehicle-specific 12N/12S 13 pin Towing Kit (

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