Car Data | Iveco 65C 6 Tonne van

SmartCAN and ByPass Relay towbar wiring instructions for an Iveco 65C 6 Tonne van

The boxes below show key fitting details Cable entry point, CAN connection details, etc. Alphanumeric references (e.g. A4) refer to the car map at to foot of the page .
Socket cable entry point I38
Longer Cable Required? 2m
Power Source Battery
Constant Live Colour Battery
Fusebox/Battery Location -
Add Fuse
Compatible SmartCAN Module/Kit -
CAN HI/LO Location -
HI/LO Pins/Colours -
Hard Brake Connection -
Is Data Two Way? -
Link to Recode Data -
Ignore towing plug. Live from battery. Connect close to lamp clusters

Wire colours and locations, use LED type probe to confirm correct wire in given location.

Compatible ByPass Relay
Other Appropriate Relay
Lights Wire Colours Alternative Location Comment
Wiring Diagram