Car Data | Ford Fiesta Saloon etc 2013-

SmartCAN and ByPass Relay towbar wiring instructions for an Ford Fiesta Saloon etc 2013-

The boxes below show key fitting details Cable entry point, CAN connection details, etc. Alphanumeric references (e.g. A4) refer to the car map at to foot of the page .
Socket cable entry point I40 Grommett
Longer Cable Required? 2m
Power Source Fusebox
Constant Live Colour
Fusebox/Battery Location JL43
Add Fuse
Compatible SmartCAN Module/Kit None
CAN HI/LO Location
HI/LO Pins/Colours
Hard Brake Connection
Is Data Two Way? n/a
Link to Recode Data -
Recoding adds C2 on dash; PDC; FCO or use pink (0V) wire for C2

Wire colours and locations, use LED type probe to confirm correct wire in given location.

Notes -
Compatible ByPass Relay TF2218/7 Series
Other Appropriate Relay Not SmartCAN
Lights Wire Colours Alternative Location Comment
LH Flasher Grey/Orange - JL41 -
Fog Light Dark Green/Brown - JL44 -
RH Flasher Green/Orange - JR45 -
RH Side Light White/Orange - JR45 -
Brake Light Purple/Brown - JL41 -
LH Side Light Purple/Green - JL41 -
Reverse Green/Brown - JL44 -
Wiring Diagram