Smart Bypass Relays 24V

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Smartlogic Bypass 24volt to 24volt

Smart 7-way bypass module for 24V vehicles towing 24V trailers. Controls trailer road lights putting no extra load on the car's rear light circuits. With built-in buzzer to monitor trailer flashers. For 24V vehicles towing 24V trailers.

Ref: TF2218-7H24
Brand: Ryder
Sealed 24V to 24V 7way bypass for tippers 2m+5m cables

24V Sealed bypass with long input and output leads. For tippers, etc. Puts no load on the vehicle light circuits. Compatible with most vehicles including PWM systems.

Ref: TF2218-7TP24
Brand: Ryder
Switchmode Voltage Converter 24-12V, 12 amp

This device can be wired into a 24 volt vehicle to produce a controlled 12 volt output, up to 12 amps. It is used with a Smart 7-way bypass relay when a 24 volt vehicle is being equipped to tow a 12 volt trailer.

Ref: TF24510
Brand: Ryder