Practical Accessories

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SunVisor complete car kit: 2 Visor Extensions, 2 Side Window Shades & 1 Anti-Glare Pad

Two visor extensions and two side window shades protect both driver and the front seat passenger from low sunshine and a non-reflective pad on the top of the dashboard prevents glare reflecting on the windscreen.

Ref: SP8501
Brand: Ryder
SunVisor Extension

SunVisor pull-down extensions. So simple to fit - literally fit in seconds- and they stay put behind the visor, so they're always there when you need them.

Will protect the driver or front seat passenger from dazzling low sun in front of the vehicle.

Ref: SP8511
Brand: Ryder
Flip-down side window shades for driver and passengers

Flip-down shades for driver and passenger side windows. Sits neatly above the door and does not interfere with opening the window.

It's hardly noticable but when you need it, it really does keep the sun out of your eyes.

Ref: SP8512
Brand: Ryder
Dash top anti-glare pad

Non reflective pad - black. Fixed to the top of the dash, it kills the sun's glare and prevents reflected glare from obscuring the view through the windscreen.

Ref: SP8513
Brand: Ryder