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Reversing Sensors in EU number plate shroud with wireless monitor.

Ultrasonic reversing sensors built into a EU numberplate shroud with wireless in car dashboard monitor, A cost effective and easy to install auxiliary reversing warning device which can help prevent damage to vehicles, caravans and trailers when reversing.

(If installed externally on a trailer, it is recomended to install control module in a waterproof box)

Ref: TA1010
Brand: Ryder
Power and Charging, Full Function 12S Extension Kit with TF1170-3

Power and split charging, full function extension kit with TF1170-3, 5m twin core power cable, add-on 1.8m loom for pins 9,10 and 11 on the 13pin socket and all required connectors for installation.

Use this kit with TF2323 SmartCAN2 kit to add full 12S capability.

Can be used with any 13pin lights-only kit to add power and charging.

If you wish to add a twin port gasket seal see TF140TW

Ref: TF1018S
Brand: Ryder
13pin twin port socket gasket seal

Soft plastic gasket that fits over the open back of a 13pin trailer socket that has 2 holes for 12N and 12S wires.

Ref: TF140TW
Brand: Ryder
Sealed 24V to 24V 7way bypass for tippers 2m+5m cables

24V Sealed bypass with long input and output leads. For tippers, etc. Puts no load on the vehicle light circuits. Compatible with most vehicles including PWM systems.

Ref: TF2218-7TP24
Brand: Ryder
SmartCan2 Universal CANbus-Programmed 12N/Lights Only Towing Kit with 13-pin socket

The SmartCAN2 programmable module is a 7-way, silent operation, CANbus-operated trailer interface pre-programmed to the host vehicle using a special Programmer/Bootloader interface (TX2303).

This kit has everything you need for a 12N installation. To add full 12S functionality, use the TF1018S, supplementary 12S kit with TF1170-3 split-charge relay. Wire this into the 13-pin socket that is already in the TF2323 kit.

When ordering, if you specify the car you are fitting, we will programme the module before dispatch. See "Aditional Information" below, for details.

Follow the "Compatibility List" links below in "Media" to see the list of currently compatible vehicles, and check if your vehicle is "Read-Only" or will need re-coding for "Fully Interactive".

Ref: TF2323
Brand: Ryder
Resetable Fuse, blade type (ATO size) 15amp (blue)

Manually resetable 15 amp blade fuse, ATO size. Blue

Ref: TV165MR(15)
Brand: Ryder
SmartCAN2 Programmer/Bootloader (Limited Stock)

This Bootloader/Programmer comes with all the cables and software needed to re-program any TF2323 module

(Limited Stock)

Ref: TX2303
Brand: Ryder