Fitting Instructions for all 13 Pin Kits and Relays

Take the 13-core cable into the boot through a 9/16" hole into which you have inserted the grommet provided. Find the vehicle wiring harness and connect the 7 core cable as indicated in Chart 'A', using the connectors and earth tags provided.

Refer to the appropriate instructions for the relay you are fitting and fit the relay and any external panel lamp (The TF2218/7 series bypass relays have built-in buzzers, so a panel warning lamp for the trailer indicators is an optional extra).

Test, preferably with the alternator charging.

CHART A 13 Pin Wiring Codes

13-core cable colour
(7-core 12S in brackets)
Connect to Socket terminal No.
See relay details 1 LH flasher
Blue See relay details 2 Fog lamp
White Chassis - earth for pins 1-7 3
Green See relay details 4 RH flasher
Brown R.H. Sidelamp 5 RH tail lamp
Red See relay details 6 Brake lamps
Black See relay details 7 LH tail lamp
See relay details 8 Reverse
Continuous power 9 Interior lights/battery charging
Switched power from
Combi relay or SmartCAN auxiliary outputs
10 Fridge
Chassis - earth for pin 10 11
None or white/blue
Chassis - earth for pin 9 13